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The reason I did this was because music has played such a vital role in my life. Before going to bed one night during this quarantine, a thought popped into my head, ‘what if you were given an Ipod with only 100 songs on it and you would only be able to listen to those 100 songs for the rest of your life?’…I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and I didn’t want to have 40 Pearl Jam songs in my top 100. So, I came up with a rule that you could only have a maximum of 3 songs per specific artist in the list. Now, some of these songs would have some sentimental aspects to them, you might have listened to them in an important moment in your life. I challenged others on the staff to come up with their lists as well.

The list is in no particular order, just random stream of thought. I didn’t want to do a countdown because that would be near impossible.

Here are some notes on specific songs on my list:

Estranged – Guns N Roses “I was obsessed with this band at the age of 9 years old…the vivid memory I have of this song is listening to it on repeat on my walkman (yes, walkman) on our school field trip to the state capitol. Everytime I hear it, I think of that trip and that time of my life.”

Mother – Blind Melon “This one was a rare studio recorded song that never made a record and it has been recently released. It has become one of my favorite Shannon Hoon songs, it’s a shame that he left us so young. The guy had such an original sound and songwriting gift.”

High Hopes – Pink Floyd “My favorite Floyd song, I used to listen to this song on a mixed CD I made called “Sleepers”. The chorus is so calming and beautiful. David Gilmours slide guitar solo still gives me chills every time I hear it.”

Jambi – Tool “Maynard James Keenen is one of my favorite lyricist of all time. The reason I selected this song was because it was the first song they played when I saw them perform live for the first time. I can close my eyes and be right back there when the opening guitar riff begins.”

Like A Stone – Audioslave “Being a fan of both Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine, I had serious doubts of combining both and making a super group. After hearing this song, it changed my mind entirely. The way they meshed their two different sounds together was nearly flawless.”

Corduroy – Pearl Jam “Being my favorite band, it was hard to select only 3 songs. So this one had to have major thought put into it. I loved this band since its beginning, but things got turned up a notch by the release of their third album, “Vitalogy”….this song solidified my casual fandom to damn near obsession, it also was the album that I discovered I wanted to play music.”

Walk Unafraid – REM “I had a tough time in the first couple of years of high school, this song was something I listened to almost every night before going to bed, the lyrics were so powerful and I could relate to them so much that it kind of kept me going, in a sense. It serves as a reminder of times when I was full of panic and anxiety, sometimes music can calm you to sleep.”

Paranoid Android – Radiohead “This song is all over the place and I absolutely love it. It’s like the guys in the band had a jar full of song ideas and just poured it all over the floor, Paranoid Android was what came out of it. So many tempo changes and mood changes, the song leaves the listener nearly worn out at the end.’

Nothing Can Change This Love – Sam Cooke “Sam Cooke has one of the smoothest most beautiful voices that I have heard. I will have to admit that the first time I really heard his music was in the movie “Innerspace” with Martin Short. I loved the movie and the music as an 8 year old. I could listen to this song all the time and never grow tired of it.”

What You Need – INXS “I loved this band growing up, sadly, I used to think the chorus said “I’ve been watching you”…who would have known it was in the actual title!”

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