3 Man Front Post Game – July 18 2019

If you happened to miss 3 Man Front from Thursday, July 18th, here’s some of the best of that show. And to view SaBerre’s Set List from today’s Just Push Play Thursday (where the music from today’s show all come from one album), that playlist is below as well!

Start – Aaron killed it during Media Days karaoke.
4:41 – Mark Stoops tells us how they’re reloading, not rebuilding after 2018.
9:40 – Gus Malzahn (podcasted here) and Cole Cubelic don’t like losing games to friends & family.
12:15 – Top 5 of the week: Ideal future Media Days destinations.
16:48 – Landrum gives his top linemen in the SEC.
19:52 – The guys turn in their SEC preseason ballots.

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